Making custom business cards with generative art

Generative art – art that is produced algorithmically – is a really interesting area that has a number of applications from pure art to data visualization. At its simplest, the designer/programmer will write code that draws something when it is executed. Some aspect of the design will be generated algorithmically, either based on some kind of input, dataset, or just randomness.

Generating random numbers from a range in Java

In this post, I’ll cover how to generate random numbers within a specified range using Java. This technique isn’t immediately clear given Java’s documentation. Turning to Stack Overflow, the question of how to do this had been asked and answered several times, but none of the answers I found explained why the given solution works. While I was able to get an example working quickly, I wanted to actually understand the solution rather than memorizing it. In trying to organize my thoughts and write out a question to ask the internet, I came to an answer myself and decided to post it here. Understanding the solution is ultimately easier than memorizing it, and it may be helpful in the future for solving similar problems.

My very first Android App

I just published my first app to the Google Play store. Fun Facts displays a random fact on a random background color with each tap. OK, so I followed along with a Treehouse video tutorial and neither the app nor its construction were things I came up with on my own, but it is really satisfying to get something finished and published. I did make some improvements on top of what Treehouse did. Tutorials only get you so far, and tinkering seems to be the best way to really learn this stuff.